Like many people, I often underestimate my own accomplishments and achievements, falling into the trap of measuring success based on income—a terrible snare for small business entrepreneurs! I never planned on having my own business, but in 2008—following a surgical procedure—I found it impossible to not make good use of my free time and my passion for creating jewelry by starting a business.

My husband, Herb, is my Chief Financial and Cheerleading Officer. He recognized my talent and passion when I could only see jewelry as a hobby (and an expensive one at that)! Finally, I listened to Herb, developed a business plan, and started my first business: bobbi kahn design jewelry. In 2019, I also began to work as Chief Sales and Marketing Officer in Herb’s home inspection business. We were quite the team!

In 2020, COVID suddenly limited both our business operations as part of the lockdown. Even after restrictions lightened, we encountered another sudden change: Herb left his home-inspection franchise behind after finding out the franchisor was betraying our trust and contract. We felt deceived and the future felt uncertain, but we also grew even closer as a couple and gained valuable experience as business owners. With COVID still putting a strain on my jewelry business, I decided to pursue a new goal and become a career personal coach. I had planned on certification for 20 years, aiming to retire my jewelry business at 62 and then transition to coaching. With all my jewelry shows canceled and our inspection business behind us, I decided to get a head start: I achieved my certification in under a year and started UNSTUCK Coaching five years ahead of schedule!

I’m happy to say that my jewelry shows are starting to fall into place again as vaccines get us closer to ending lockdowns but I’m also so excited to start my coaching journey even earlier than I anticipated. Both businesses are deeply fulfilling—I get to engage with my personal creativity as well as help others accomplish their own goals. While there have been some painful and difficult moments building my businesses, I wouldn’t change a thing about the lessons and experiences I’ve gained, or the career I’ve grown out of those experiences. 

What do you want to grow? A business? A new career? A passion project? I’m here to help. Let’s jump on a call to set the stage for your UNSTUCK life.



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Certified Career Transition Coach

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