I am not ashamed to say that weight has played an important part in my wellness journey but engaging with my weight has taught me that wellness goes far beyond dieting. Throughout my childhood, I heard many stories about the teasing and shame endured by women from my mother’s generation, but I never learned to embrace a healthier body image beyond the oversimplified equation: thin = happy. In high school, I was subject to bullying because of my weight, but the only advice I received was that I would be unhappy and lonely if I didn’t lose weight.

At first, I tried any and every weight loss program I could—from Weight Watchers to Optifast, and who knows how many diets. Throughout my journey, I realized that understanding my body and my needs meant finding the right tools for my wellbeing. For my needs and my body, getting a vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) procedure was the right choice, reducing the size of my stomach to help me manage my weight and diet. COVID-19 came with its challenges, but I soon found another tool: the KETO diet, which helped my overall health while cutting down on carbs and sugars that I loved snacking on during quarantine. While I was losing weight, I was much happier to find that my body felt better overall, overcoming arthritis and discomfort.

My wellness journey has had plenty of twists and turns. I’m happy with where I’ve ended up, and I’m glad to have found tools that help me achieve my wellbeing, but I also know that it helps to have someone beside you on that journey. If my story resonates with you, together we can identify your goals, determine what motivates you, and envision your life’s possibilities. Together, you and I can create a future that allows you to embrace wellness. I welcome the opportunity to help you find the joy that comes with surrendering to stamina, vitality, strength, vigor, and making peace with food.



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