Everybody wants to find that meaningful career that resonates with their desires and purpose. Sometimes, we change our professional path because we want to seek something more fulfilling; other times, changes happen to us—layoffs, COVID, personal health—which we make the best of, finding new paths beyond closed doors.

From the start, I knew that I wanted to help people feel confident and happy while pursuing their goals. In high school, I read Theory Z by William Ouchi, which explained how businesses profited more from happy and productive employees who enjoyed their work. Already I knew I wanted to pursue a career in HR to help employees enjoy their work. I graduated from UW-Madison in 1984 with a major in Economics and went on to work in Human Resources at Marshall Fields as a Trainer, Recruiter, and HR Manager for 14 years. Over the years, I found myself finding new positions and passions: I worked as a Director of Human Resources at a small private bank for ten years, eventually becoming Vice President of Recruiting, I worked as a Regional Director in the newspaper and media industry, and through my hobbies of knitting and working with jewelry I eventually started my own jewelry business. 

After my employment in the media industry ended in 2017, I started working my jewelry business full time. It was an intense experience and by managing every part of operations I soon learned which skills I was experienced in, where I needed to grow, and where I could use help. I developed a strict schedule to keep my business running without losing sight of my personal life. In 2020, COVID was a big shock, and every one of my business’s jewelry shows was canceled. For years I had been planning on becoming a coach: it encompassed everything about helping others become happy and productive that had brought me into HR and could be done alongside my jewelry business. With my jewelry business sidelined, I began coaching training and became certified before 2020 was over, beginning a whole new business—and so UNSTUCK Coaching was born!

From the start, I knew I wanted to help others be productive and happy, but I didn’t know that I’d move beyond my early aspirations of working in HR, that I’d find my creativity and productiveness in jewelry, or that I’d find a third career in Coaching! In recent years, many people find that they want to move away from unfulfilling careers and find new opportunities in the second half of their lives. Having been through quite the journey to find my own happiness and productivity with my businesses, I can relate.

If you feel a connection to, or are inspired by, my career path, just know that you can also Imagine your Life’s Possibilities. I’m here to help. Together we can chart your path and make YOUR vision a reality.



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Certified Professional Retirement Coach

Certified Career Transition Coach

Certified Life Coach