The prospect of retirement can be exciting, but it can also be scary. Along with the obvious benefits (less stress! more free time!) come some unsettling questions: How will I fill weeks full of Saturdays? How will I maintain a sense of purpose? How will I define myself, if not by my career?

My dad retired when he was a very young 62, and I watched him struggle with these questions. His only hobby outside of work had been playing a little golf. He didn’t have a plan for what he was going to do with all his extra time when he was done being a pharmacist. My dad spent the first year of his retirement in what I saw as clinical depression, though he was never diagnosed (unfortunately mental health care was much less prevalent at the time). With nothing to do, no awareness of his interests, and no attention to how he would identify himself now that he was no longer working, he found himself overwhelmed and paralyzed.

Eventually his mental health improved, but his physical health began to deteriorate several years after. It bothered me that he didn’t end up having a lot of time to enjoy the results of his decades of hard work and saving for his retirement. If he had only planned for it, he could have thrived in those years. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to fully enjoy their hard-earned retirement without “wasting” time being unsure about the next step. 

This is the goal of Unstuck Coaching: to guide your shift toward retirement rather than away from your career. To empower you to take advantage of your newfound freedom and flexibility to craft your dream life. To set you up for success as you uncover new passions, envision new possibilities, and unlock a new sense of purpose.

I have been leading retirement workshops since the age of 20, and bring 33 years of human resources experience to my coaching practice. I know that the hardest part about facing this kind of change is having the courage and confidence to get started. With a vision of your life’s possibilities as a guide, it’s within your power to set and achieve the goals that will make the coming years the best of your life. Unstuck Coaching exists to make this process fulfilling every step of the way. Through a personalized intensive, biweekly coaching sessions, and custom exercises, you’ll create the momentum you need to be unstoppable—and ultimately unstuck.

You don’t need to have all the answers, you just need to trust your instincts. With the knowledge that you deserve more, grant yourself the freedom to imagine your life’s possibilities. I’ll be here to collaborate on the planning journey that takes your retirement from stuck to unstuck, for good!


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