When we think about our life and our future, we inevitably have to ask: “what will my life have been when I’m gone?” How many times does tragedy befall someone we know, and we swear that life is too short? We say we are going to travel more, work less, run a marathon, learn another language (see travel more), attend more weddings and birthday parties than funerals, say I love you, slow down, speed up, start exercising… you name it!

For that reason, I suggest when figuring out what goals you want to set to become UNSTUCK, begin by writing your obituary. Ask yourself: 1) What matters most to you? 2) Have you done it? 3) If you died soon, would you regret it? It might sound macabre, but it’s very intuitive: we can’t think about our journeys without considering their end. I began my UNSTUCK Life journey in my early 30s when I got into therapy. My life wasn’t going as I wanted, and I knew things could be better for me. I also knew I didn’t know how to make it happen. Therapy was a safe place where I could challenge my assumptions and find new ways of being, thinking, and acting.

From the transformative experiences of therapy came new goals I decided: 1) I am fit, athletic, and run marathons; and 2) I am a knowledgeable Jew who is a Bat Mitzvah. I always wanted to be fit, healthy, and comfortable with my body, and I had always wanted to complete Hebrew School and connect with my culture. Therapy helped me let go of old resentments and doubts that had kept me from pursuing these goals and affirmed my dedication to accomplishing what was important to me. I studied Hebrew and learned to read the Torah with a Cantor every week and I joined a marathon team in training. I did run the Chicago Half-Marathon but received a stress fracture that meant I’d never run another marathon again. Do I regret training and running for that one experience? Not at all—I’d pushed my physical limits and went further than I ever had while running, I was UNSTUCK from the old doubts that had kept me from even trying in the first place.

From there, I’ve only found more goals and continued to live an UNSTUCK life. I became a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) through hard work and studying. I married my husband Herb at 42, seizing the day and confidently pursuing a relationship from one phone call, to our first date, to engagement and marriage within two years. From there, I’ve gone on to start two businesses with Herb’s support and unconditional love. 

With the help of my husband, coaches, therapists, and friends, I know what I want from my life: to laugh as much as possible, appreciate those who are important to me, accomplish the goals I thought might elude me, and move past situations that don’t serve me. And I especially want to share what I’ve learned with others because having the support of people who were dedicated to helping me achieve the life of my dreams is what got me there in the first place! Together, we can get your UNSTUCK Life on track and Imagine your life’s possibilities. Contact me today to book a sample call.



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