If you’ve been working at your position for a few years, or a few decades, you’ve probably thought about asking for a raise from your employer. Have you done it? With all the changes that have been weathered over the past few years, you more than likely deserve a raise now more than ever, so it’s important that you give yourself the opportunity to ask. Just make sure you’ve done thorough research and thought through all your options first!

The Great Resignation

Along with early retirement, another trend you are hearing a lot about is the “Great Resignation”. Workers of all ages have more options than they’ve had in a long time to change things up professionally. Maybe you didn’t realize how tired you were from being a road warrior until you got grounded during COVID. Now you don’t want to go back to travelling. It used to be important to you to live near work to have a short commute. Now your company has gone remote most of the time. On the other hand, your company is going back to in person work and you aren’t willing to do that. These are just a few examples of trends gaining traction in workplaces across the country. It’s likely that at least one of them is presenting you with new choices at work.  

I Have Earned a Raise from my Employer

A lot of expectations for equity in pay have arisen loudly during COVID. Issues of fairness in many areas of life arose and now may be an appropriate time to make sure you are getting what you have earned. The pay for men and women who perform similar work and have similar experience is supposed to be the same. Is it where you work? The pay for the people regardless of all other kinds of protected factors such as race, sexual orientation (in Illinois at least) is supposed to be the same. If you were hired a while ago, you may have fallen behind.

Do Your Homework

  1. How are your performance appraisals? The better your performance, the likelier you are to deserve a raise from your employer.
  2. Does your company have a compensation system? Where do you fall within it given your pay and job grade?
  3. Research the pay for jobs like yours using sites like salary.com and glassdoor.com.
  4. Check out available jobs online by searching companies like yours or general jobs sites.

What Harm Can Come From This?

None, really, because at the very least you will learn a few things. You might learn there are lots of jobs just like yours that pay more or are attractive in other ways. You might learn that looking for a new job is a lot of work and you are happy where you are. And what if you do your research, present your ask for higher pay and get it? Amazing. If you don’t ask, you will likely get nothing.

What if I Ask for a Raise and They Say No?

Everything turns out as it is meant to. And you will decide what you will do if they say no. Is the reason given acceptable to you?  I could be. Were you blindsided about a performance issue you were not aware of? If you think it’s valid, then it’s good to know so you can improve. Do you think the company is making lame excuses? You’ve done research on other companies to make your case.  Maybe you have the foundation to start that job search.

Need help getting started? Schedule a free sample session, and we’ll discuss the possibilities available to you. What harm can come from that?

Barb Mason, Coach

I am a coach and jewelry designer. At UNSTUCK Coaching, I help middle-agers make changes toward the most fulfilling employment experience. As my own first coaching client, I know what it takes to get UNSTUCK.

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