Turning 60 – the concept and the reality – is a big deal for most of us. Preparing for what it means is not usually understood as the same big deal. 

But it’s vital that, before you reach the milestone, you’ve considered how it will impact your life. Do you plan to retire? Do you know how you’ll prepare for that? Before you’re staring down years of time where you can do anything you want, you may want to ask yourself “What will I do with a week full of Saturdays?”

When my friends and family turned 60, I heard a lot of grumbling.

Maybe a more accurate word to describe what I heard was dread. They said, OMG! I turn 60 this year. I’m getting so old. My body is changing so much. The wrinkles are appearing so rapidly. My hair is coming in so gray I have to color it more often. If I go gray, I’ll look so old. 

I don’t feel any of that (except the gray). But I have also spent a lot of time imagining the vast opportunities that being 60 presents. My best life began in my mid-50s when I was eliminated from my corporate job and made the decision to become my own boss. Since then, I report to the best boss ever and I feel no need to retire from working any time soon.

As my wise father always said, “having a birthday beats the alternative.” My life experience so far is that each decade has ALWAYS been better than the one before it. And I know that my 60s will not be any different. It isn’t that 60 is the new 40 or 50, it’s that 60 is the new 60.

I’ve thought about what it will be like: I’ll go gray in my 60s, I have started a new business and it will thrive in my 60s, I will buy a second home and spend the winter where it’s warm in my 60s, I’ll start spending my retirement savings in my 60s, I’ll start to work differently in my 60s, I’ll stay active in my 60s, I’ll get my knees replaced in my 60s. And G-d willing, I’ll have my health in my 60s. 

Whether you’re 39 or 59, what is your ideal vision of your 60s, of your retirement years?

You will hopefully be in great shape and in your best health when you retire. You will hopefully have plenty of energy to enjoy all things you love when you retire. Don’t waste a moment of those best years figuring out how to enjoy them. Start planning now so you’re ready to enjoy every moment of the retirement you’ve been saving for.

Your best years are ahead of you. Let’s make sure every year counts. 

As a Certified Professional Retirement Coach, a Certified Life Coach, and a Certified Career Transition Coach, no matter what path you imagine for yourself in the coming years, I am ready to guide you through your planning, decisions, and goal-setting. 

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